3 Ways to Sell Online In Singapore without an E-Commerce Website

In this era, selling online is not a choice among many. Even though many physical businesses in Singapore cities are reporting high profits, the scenario is showing a declining trend. Possibly, in the next two or so years, physical businesses will be warehouses and pickup points. In this essence, having an e-commerce website or starting a virtual store is not an option among many. If you look on to succeed, you must go virtual. However, setting up a high performing website is not a simple affair. You need to invest handsome cash in reliable hosting services. Also, you must be ready to pay monthly fees if you are not a tech guru. This cash may not be affordable. But does this mean you can’t sell online? The answer is you can still sell online without an e-commerce website. How? Here are 3 ways to do it:

Setting up a Facebook store

Did you know you can sell online through Facebook? Well, listen to this. Facebook is the leading social platform with more than 2 billion active users per month. The platform is slowly turning into a crucial business tool. Facebook offers an opportunity to create a page for your business. The page is essential in informing customers about your products and engaging them to identify their problems.
Apart from this, Facebook is now offering businesses an option to sell online through an opportunity to create a shop. If you want to set up an online shop, all you need is to go to the create an online shop option under your Facebook options. You will do the necessary and display your product to the customers. Also, you can use the Facebook ads to promote your products. Hence, Facebook is a reliable option to sell online without an e-commerce website.

Creating a store
on online marketplaces

Another way you can sell online without a website is through the online marketplaces. Several platforms allow customers to run stores and sell the product to their customers. The platforms work as connectors between customers and sellers. eBay, Amazon, and Etsy are some of the leading online marketplaces. You need to sign up and list your products. However, some sites will charge you listing fees.

Also, you do not take home the whole bread. You pay a commission on every sale you make. Moreover, you must follow the rules and regulations of each platform. But this is a good idea because you only pay after a sale. Again, it is an excellent place to start your online selling journey. Check out the best e-commerce platform made for you, so you can get one unified platform to run your business with ease.


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Selling through your social platforms

Business is social interaction. By realizing this aspect, you can turn your social following into a customer base. Each of your followers has a certain form of need. If not, they have followers and peers with particular needs. Hence, you can start providing solutions to their needs by displaying products on your social pages.
Focusing on social media is one of the easiest ways to sell online as you do not pay any commission or subscription costs. However, you must win the confidence and trust of your target customers. Also, you need to define reliable ways of delivering the item sold to the customers. Otherwise, your targets will view you as a joke if you do not professionally present yourself.

Shout out words

As you can see, it is not necessary to own an e-commerce website to sell products online. Several other ways exist. You can create a shop on Facebook, use established online marketplaces, or sell through your social pages. All these ways will enable you to realize your virtual selling dreams.